Dr. Cheeke’s YQ+

A Next Generation Animal Health Supplement.

Using a multi-targeted G/I approach, YQ+ provides fast, effective relief for a variety of digestive, respiratory and reproductive issues.  A highly effective blend of natural ingredients may be used daily to maintain optimal health or temporarily to manage the effects of a disruptive event.

Use as a preventative strategy for:

  • stress management due to traveling, showing, breeding,
  • recovery from illness (stimulates appetite and provides additional calories)
  • digestive disruption due to dietary changes.

Diarrhea and weight loss are common indicators of stress, the addition of YQ+ to the daily diet will quickly target the problem areas in the gut and provide rapid relief.

In litter bearing animals, the use of Dr. Cheeke’s YQ+ may reduce stillbirth and improve mortality rates of new borns.  May be used on all livestock (except sheep), horses, rabbits and poultry.

40# bags.


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